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Environmental accounting and economic geography

The particular geographical analysis perspective can offer considerable debate on ways to estimate the value of existing natural heritage land in each locality contribution. According to xero bookkeeper brisbane Рwhen analyzing an integrated way the social use of places, economic geography allows to raise the naturalness of the environment in historical terms, ie, how they present themselves to society at a given time (subordinate to the mentality and the prevailing interest). Raising the value based on the techniques of power and social perception, it is possible to adopt a perspective that not dissociate the valuation of space practice recovery, allowing approach it as materiality but also as a representation inserted in legitimizing or proposal use. This approach allows accounting for the appropriation of a place based on natural resources that society identifies as being there present, whether these products or conditions. The distinction between natural and environmental resources, worked by environmental economics, is rescued in this geographical theory, which offers a possibility of synthetic accounting assessment of the potential and use of a particular territory, inventorying existing materials and sources, as the impacts of their use on reserves and natural conditions. This perspective can contribute to land management policies and environmental planning in particular.

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